Final Exam       [Sun, May 7]

The final exam tomorrow will be held in our usual classroom, CIT 368. See you tomorrow at 11am. Good luck!

EIM Deadline       [Mon, May 1]

Just to clear up some confusion about the deadline for EIM, it is due tonight at 11:59 pm. I know that the handout says 5pm. Sorry about the confusion.

TA Hours       [Mon, May 1]

TA hours will be held through the final exam on May 8th. Remember, though, that regarding the final exam TAs will only be able to answer clarification questions and will not help with implementation or reasoning out solutions.

Final Exam and EIM       [Mon, May 1]

Just a quick reminder that your final program, EIM is due tonight.

The sample problems for the final exam have been posted. These are extremely helpful for you to look over before the exam. REMEMBER: the exam will be held Monday May 8th at 11am during our normal class period and not during the University appointed exam time.

If you have not handed in all of your assignments they *must* be turned in by the 8th. Good luck!

Graph Readme, EIM, and Assignment Grading       [Sat, April 22]

You should be finishing up the Graph programming assignment at this point, and the CS16 staff has received several questions about a README for the program. The handout does not explicitly request a README, but you should know by now that we generally expect something similiar along with your program. Essentially, we're looking for any insight into your design decisions and programming techniques that may not be instantly understandable from looking at your program and its comments. Remember that the README is also your opportunity to tell us about program bugs in exchange for some leniency in grading those bugs, so writing such a file is definitely to your benefit.

The final programming assignment (and the last assignment before the final exam), Encrypted Instant Messenger, has been released and is due roughly one week from now on Monday, May 1st at 11:59pm. This is not a complicated or time-consuming program, but it is still worth 10% of your final grade, so take the time to ensure you've done a good job on it. There will be no helpsession for this program, so you should use the lecture slides and the program documentation to guide your design.

HW4 was returned by email along with your marked-up PDF files, and you should be receiving your Convex Hull grade back shortly (if you haven't already). Good luck on Graph and EIM!